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Addison Stasie is a Michigan Illustrator working out of the Metro Detroit area with her primary mediums being Digital and Mixed traditional painting. Her love of art and reading was always present but she made the decision early on to have this as her career path and studied several vastly different mediums in Highschool and College till she found her way. While the subject of her work varies, she takes a lot of inspiration from Historical, Entertainment and Musical icons to Editorial, Food and Fashion design. Her process of applying thin graphic layering, blending it out and building upon that while also using line work to create non-restrictive boundaries helps accomplish her end goal of an emotionally intriguing modern portrait. This process is used in her traditional and digital work while she is always exploring new ways to visually represent a narrative. During the 2020 pandemic Addison graduated from College for Creative studies in Detroit and has since been a virtual student of Visual Arts Passage by the Illustration Academy. Currently she is developing other bodies of work in the Editorial and Publishing industry, as well as seeking ways to be more involved with local community programs. Other places Addison's work can be found is in private home collections, logos for up and coming local Michigan businesses, on several episodes of "Face the Truth" podcast by Jason Seiler, Instagram pages such as Visual Arts Passage, The Hallway Show and in a music video for Nick Shoulders 'Honey Let's Stay In' featuring Tommy Chong. 



Please reach out to AddisonStasieIllustrations@gmail for commission inquiries and other questions. 

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